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Indoor air inspection and testing

Acceptance of civil building engineering

Indoor air testing of home decoration

Indoor air quality inspection of office space


Veizhong testing for real estate development and construction of environmental acceptance, decoration, environmental acceptance, residents living environment evaluation to provide fair data.

According to the "GB50325-2006" and "national standard" indoor air quality GB/T18883-2002 related requirements of indoor environmental pollution control of civil building engineering, Guangdong dimension testing laboratory equipped with advanced detection instruments and strict quality control to ensure the accuracy of the detection process and detection data.


 Test item  Based on standard
 Formaldehyde  Method for determination of formaldehyde in air of public places GB/T18204.26-2000
 Ammonia  Determination of ammonia in air of public places GB/T18204.25-2000
 Benzene  Standard method for hygienic examination of benzene, toluene and xylene in the atmosphere of residential areas 11737-2002 GB
 Total volatile organic compounds  Indoor air quality standard 18883-2002 GB/T
 Air radon


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