Fukushima and strong earthquake, the safety of China's nuclear power plant concerns

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        China has always been adhering to the highest international safety standards to design the nuclear power station, build nuclear power plant, nuclear power plant operation, our plant is safe.

On November 22, local time at 5 and 59 minutes, Japan fukushima offshore an earthquake of magnitude 7.4, then the tsunami warning issued.

        In the heart of life at the same time, the public concern about the fukushima had accident caused by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011, the nuclear leak? And concerned about the safety of Chinese nuclear power plant. For this, reporter interviews with relevant experts, reveal the nuclear safety situation for everyone.

        Different from fukushima, we more secure

        According to Japanese media reports, fukushima no. 2 nuclear power units 3 fuel pool cooling stop once appeared in the earthquake. Then claims that the nuclear safety hall, the spent fuel pool unit has to restore cooling function on or before 8 local time, have not been more nuclear leak.

        Thankfully, the earthquake didn't cause serious casualties and Japan nuclear accident, but some worry that China's nuclear power plants can withstand a similar impact of natural disasters?

         Nuclear experts, the Chinese academy of engineering in nuclear group Ye Ji stand told reporters: "in addition to the site selection process to strictly control of geological conditions, alone plant itself, we can fully confidence in China's nuclear power plant safety."

         In fact, five years ago Japan's fukushima nuclear accident of nuclear power plant and nuclear power plants in China have very big distinction.

         Ye Ji stand said, the first plant is boiling water reactor. Work flow boiling water reactor nuclear power plants is - coolant (water) from the lower part of the core flow into, in the process of rising along the core, the heat from the fuel rods, the coolant became a mixture of steam and water, through steam separator and steam dryer, isolated with high temperature steam to drive a turbine generator to produce electricity. And the plant was built in the 1970 s, the technical level is relatively low.

          Look at PWR, pressurized water reactor has 3 barrier: fuel cladding, pressure boundary and containment. Fuel if broken, radioactive substances can be blocked in the pressure boundary, still in the primary circuit.

          But the steam boiling water reactor from the primary circuit to wear out, and at the same time through the containment, so boiling water reactor 3 barrier is not complete. It is boiling water reactor primary circuit with the characteristics of the secondary circuit is not isolated, brought the plant 5 years ago the possibility of a large amount of radioactive material leakage. In this ways, pressurized water reactor DuiXing has advantages, but also give priority to with pressurized water reactor nuclear power in China.

          "The development of China's nuclear power is one of the features have backwardness advantage. Because we are used the most advanced technology at the time, there is a very mature technology base, so not to be thoughtless in one place because we or inexperienced and detours." Ye Ji stand said.

           He said: "never ignore security, China's nuclear power development. Our country has to a certain degree of considering the influence of serious accidents, as well as the serious accident response."

           In qinshan nuclear power plant, for example, there are hydrogen elimination system, this system will compound hydrogen and oxygen, didn't meet them before explosion concentration composite, so won't appear the fukushima accident five years ago when the danger of hydrogen explosion.

           Technological breakthroughs, safety performance is guaranteed

           Of nuclear power development in China, of course, the technology has been the introduction of other people will not stop himself. From the second to the third generation, change is one of the biggest indicators security goals raised an order of magnitude. That is happened in core melt, the probability of large accidents, influence environmental accidents are an order of magnitude lower.

           Said Ye Ji stand, first is the complete prevention and mitigation measures of severe accident, prevention is as far as possible to eliminate the accident in the bud. Accidents are usually caused by equipment failure, so we increase the reliability of equipment redundancy.

           The meaning of "redundancy, like the inside of the building fire control system, not only did I have a fire extinguisher, I have several, a dozen don't open, can open another, more reliable isn't it?" Ye Ji stand said.

For example the three generations of nuclear power technology in China "hualong, there are two forms of security systems, active and not move. One is called active safety systems, once an accident, should be to eliminate the accident soon. And once didn't have a power, like the fukushima accident lost all power, can't move up, "hualong number one" and the active safety systems, or heap to keep in a safe condition.

           Ye Ji stand told reporters: "this is the advantage of 'active and non active. Active, because of its dynamic role, quickly eliminate accident; not to move, because it is carried out in accordance with the laws of nature, not need outside power, to ensure the safety of the back. So we adopted the method of combining the two advantages."

           Fierce, "hualong" number one also designed the double containment. So what double containment can achieve security level?

           "Big commercial aircraft collision prevention." Ye Ji stand said.

           You have no wrong, designed the double containment "hualong number one", not only can resist a magnitude 9 earthquake, the outer can also like that kind of large aircraft A380 collision prevention, explosion, etc., layer can prevent radioactive accidents.

           "' hualong 1 'is summarized on the basis of the original nuclear power development, using the mature experience, mature technology, has made some fundamental improvement techniques, innovative, active and non active, double containment, serious accident prevention, etc., so it is a very reliable product." Ye Ji stand said.

           Many know, nuclear power safety please rest assured

           "Nuclear is established on the basis of all of the industry, our country's industrial level is improving, nuclear power equipment manufacturing level than thirty or forty years ago have a qualitative change." Ye Ji stand said.

           Now in China nuclear power equipment localization rate reached 85%, 90%, large equipment, key equipment in the domestic manufacturing, such as pressure vessel, steam generator and steam turbine generator, etc.

           "Domestic equipment production process, we insist on to produce the highest international standards, with the highest standard to test. We will not be vague on the issue, so China's nuclear power equipment is very reliable." Ye Ji stand said.

           He also stressed that run on nuclear power plants, the world association of nuclear operators WANO group with 8-10 to examine the index for each plant.

           According to this, almost all of China's nuclear power plant within the top 50, even some year some power station is the first or second. In other words, the management of nuclear power plants run well in our country, are recognized in the world.

          Ye Ji stand told reporters: "China has always been adhering to the highest international safety standards for nuclear power plant design, construction of nuclear power plant, nuclear power plant operation, nuclear power plants in China is very safe. Because we take the technical route and technology has taken some measures to ensure that the won't happen similar fukushima and similar accident at chernobyl."

          He said, if you know more about our country built the power station, know more about China's nuclear power plant, the measures taken by can deter nuclear safety concerns.

          "I work in the nuclear industry for nearly five hundred and sixty years, and in the field of nuclear power in two hundred and thirty, after so many years of practice, I have confidence in China's nuclear safety completely." Ye Ji stand said.



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