National soil environmental protection special program will be introduced to build soil monitoring network

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       Our department of nature and ecology environmental protection director Zhuang Guotai to attend the ninth Forum on environment and development space to reporters, led the development of soil environmental protection by the Ministry of environmental protection action plan has been submitted, the latest will be at the end of this year early next year. Ministry of environmental protection will also publish the results of the national survey of soil pollution.
       Zhuang Guotai said that the Ministry of environmental protection has been developed to complete the soil environmental protection action plan. Soil environmental protection action plan and the State Council has issued the "recent soil environmental protection and comprehensive management work arrangements". The "arrangements", pointed out that by 2015, the soil environment in our country in order to find out, the establishment of strict farmland and centralized drinking water sources, soil environmental protection system, preliminary control of soil pollution rise, ensure that the national soil environmental quality survey point standard rate of not less than 80%. A soil environmental quality regular survey and routine monitoring system, build the basic soil environmental quality monitoring network, centralized drinking for more than 60% of the country's arable land and service population of 500 thousand water sources to carry out routine monitoring of soil environment. Strive to 2020, built a national soil environmental protection system, so that the national soil environmental quality has been significantly improved.
       Zhuang Guotai said that although the soil environmental protection action plan may not be less than atmospheric pollution prevention action plan, but because of the difficulty of soil treatment is difficult, long cycle, the required investment will be very huge. Soil environmental protection action plan will be integrated use of the central government, local governments and enterprises, through the market mechanism to promote soil pollution control, to develop incentives to attract public participation.
He revealed that the Ministry of environmental protection plans to publish the results of the national survey of soil pollution. Statistics show that the national soil pollution survey work started in July 2006, at a cost of 1 billion yuan of special funds, the total land survey covering China except Taiwan province and Hong Kong and Macao regions in all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. Zhuang Guotai introduction, due to the complexity of the data finishing work, until the end of 2010 to complete the statistical work of the survey results.
        At present, China is one of the most heavily polluted countries in the world.
Data released by the Ministry of environmental protection in 2006 showed that China's arable land of about 150 million acres, accounting for 1 billion 800 million acres of arable land 8.3%. At present, the capital investment in soil conservation and restoration is insufficient to 1% of the total investment in environmental protection. In recent years, the national attention to soil environmental protection has been continuously enhanced.
       The fifth session of the twelve National People's Congress meeting held the first plenary session of 21. The meeting listened to the National People's Congress vice chairman of the Legal Committee Zhang Mingqi on the Environmental Protection Act Amendments to the draft amendments to the situation. Three reviewers of draft regulations increase, increase financial investment in environmental protection, in the formulation of economic and technical policies should fully consider the impact on the environment, environmental protection departments give corresponding enforcement measures, the establishment of long-term mechanism of ecological compensation, strengthen the environmental protection of soil etc..



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