Our country defined serious pollution of the environment 14 standards have been implemented yesterday

Date:2016-11-22 Hits:
       18, the Supreme Court, Supreme Procuratorate issued on the handling of criminal cases of environmental pollution cases applicable to the interpretation of the law. Clear judicial interpretation of 14 "serious environmental pollution" into the criminal standard, killing more than 1 people injured that constitute a crime, the highest can be sentenced to 3 years. The judicial interpretation of the implementation from 19.
        New regulations: 14 kinds of "serious pollution of the environment" into the standard of punishment
According to the provisions of the criminal law, if you want to be held criminally responsible for the crime of environmental pollution, the need to achieve the degree of serious pollution, but the law has not been clear what the serious pollution". Judicial interpretation clearly stipulates the "serious pollution of the environment," the 14 entry standards:
1 discharge, dumping and disposal of radioactive waste, waste and toxic substances contained in the core areas of the drinking water source protection areas, nature reserves;
2 illegal discharge, dumping, disposal of hazardous waste over three tons;
3 illegal emissions containing heavy metals and persistent organic pollutants and other serious harm to environment and damage to human health pollutants exceed the national emission standard of pollutants or of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the people's Government in accordance with the legal authority to develop standards for pollutants discharge more than three times;
The 4 kangaroo underground pipe or the use of seepage wells, pits, cracks, caves and other emissions, dumping and disposal of radioactive wastes, wastes containing infectious pathogens, toxic substances;
5 years in violation of state regulations, discharge, dumping, disposal of radioactive waste, waste materials containing infectious pathogens, toxic substances have been more than two administrative penalties, and the implementation of the forefront of behavior;
6 caused by more than twelve hours of centralized drinking water sources in the township more than hours;
Five causes the basic farmland, the protection forest land, the special use forest land 7 mus of above, other farmland ten mus of above, other land twenty Mu above basic function loss or suffers permanent destruction;
The 8 resulting in the death of forest or other trees or trees more than fifty cubic meters, more than two thousand and five hundred strains of death;
Three hundred thousand resulting in the loss of more than 9 yuan of public and private property;
10 caused the evacuation, the transfer of the masses more than five thousand people;
11 caused more than thirty people poisoning;
12, resulting in more than three people with minor injuries, mild disability or organ damage resulting in general dysfunction;
13 causes serious injury to one or more serious or moderate disability or organ damage;
14 other serious environmental pollution cases.



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