Ministry of environmental protection: the air pollution will carry out spot checks

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      "Air pollution prevention and control is facing the situation is very grim." Environmental Protection Department of the Ministry of Finance Secretary Zhao Hualin at the 13 annual meeting of the 2013 environmental protection, said. In order to control air pollution, on the one hand, the State Council is to "relax", the provincial leadership assessment requirements from the previous growth by G P D, and gradually transformed into the problem of people's livelihood and environmental protection on a very important position, to explore a new way of environmental protection. On the other hand, the Ministry of environmental protection will lead to continue to implement the air pollution prevention action plan, which is still a very important aspect of industrial pollution control.
      "Eleven" during the North China region, especially in Beijing, a large range of longer duration of fog and haze, so that air pollution control again become a hot topic of society. "Economic Reference News" reporter learned that the Ministry of environmental protection from the beginning of this month to April next year, will be based on the "air ten" to start focusing on the Beijing Tianjin Hebei region air pollution special law enforcement inspection, the present northern region around the founder investigation on the local emissions enterprises, and the list submitted to the Ministry of environmental protection, Ministry of environment and Environmental Supervision Bureau will be at the end of October or early November directly to local raids, does not belong to the way of checking the advance notice of enterprises. Mainly related to emissions of enterprises, including iron and steel plants, power plants, chemical plants, cement plants, building materials, etc..
       Zhao Hualin frankly, in order to develop air pollution action plan, the Ministry of environmental protection has devoted to the United States to investigate, compared to the next, China's industrial pollution prevention and control is still facing a lot of problems. For example, he said, now a year running costs of desulfurization unit of a 600 thousand KW is 70 million yuan, full load operation under the condition of "stealing row" day benefits can reach more than 200 thousand yuan, very impressive, because of this, some people stare at the power plant environmental protection even if there still steal row, leading even at the removal of the risk.
"Our supervision and management tasks will be very grim, the next step on the industrial pollution must not have the slightest relaxation." He said. It is worth noting that, from the beginning of May this year, the environmental protection department and other departments in the organization to carry out illegal sewage remediation company of environmental protection special action has come from spring autumn, is still in progress, is expected to the end of November. In October 12th, the Ministry of Environmental Protection informed the 72 inspection found illegal enterprises "black list", which is located in Gansu city of Lanzhou province Lanzhou LAN-STAR Co. Ltd., Yongdeng Qilian Mountains India Cements Limited, methanol plant in Aluminum Group Lanzhou branch aluminum plant, Guodian Lanzhou Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Ping fan in Lanzhou aluminum factory, power plant Xigu District sewage treatment plant, sewage treatment plant, Yongdeng.
      Zhao Hualin said that during 12th Five-Year, as the economy continues to grow, the amount of coal, motor vehicles should increase accordingly, our environmental pressure is very large. PM 2.5 emission reduction and other environmental problems are not the same, because the formation of factors are very complex, so from the production, life, ecology and gradually change. Reporter Yang Ye



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