Changde pig aquaculture quickly towards the "double hundred billion"

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       This year from 1 to September, in terms of output value, 8 billion yuan of pig breeding, processing and circulation of 6 billion 600 million yuan, production and processing of aquatic products 4 billion 700 million yuan, 5 billion 300 million yuan in circulation. In October 28th, Changde city held a "two billion" pig and aquaculture industry and poultry industry development experience exchange, this set of data is exciting. .
       Changde pig breeding and production of aquatic products. This year, the Changde municipal government put forward agriculture 5 "two billion" industrial construction projects, pigs, aquatic in (i.e. circulation value of production and processing of pig double billions of dollars and aquatic products production and processing of double circulation output value of over ten billion yuan.) Eggs are also included in the special industry. To this end, the city of aquatic animal husbandry and Veterinary Bureau early planning, early hands-on, time to come up with industrial development plan, formulate detailed assessment methods, the introduction of breeding technology specification, be arranged specific guidance, establishment of farming associations and cooperatives, and achieved remarkable results. Now, Changde has 100 thousand 3 pigs standardized breeding demonstration area, 2 ten million birds standardized breeding demonstration area, the establishment of more than 44 provincial poultry aquatic standard demonstration farm.
       Changde city to strengthen product quality and safety supervision and animal disease prevention and control, strengthen the three system, and improve the regulatory system, testing system and responsibility system. In the first half, affected by the H7N9 avian flu, the national poultry breeding serious landslides. Thanks to the three system construction, the competent authorities in a timely manner, to support, the impact of the epidemic down to a minimum, Changde is the main reason for the performance of the outstanding performance. The city of aquatic animal husbandry and Veterinary Bureau pays special attention to the leading enterprises, the meat industry is now slaughter capacity Wison million head, reached 30 thousand tons of deep processing of meat. Roland animal husbandry (002505, shares) Yongchang company "ecological industry chain has been formed. The city's professional cooperatives 170 farmers, driven by 300 thousand households.
      Pollution control is the most important of the healthy development of aquaculture industry. Dingcheng District Tang Jia Pu Zhen Kimcheon imported advanced technology, to achieve the emission standards, provides a model for the city's pollution. Taoyuan, Linli and other places of farming enterprises, has built the organic fertilizer factory, waste, universally praised by the people around. At the meeting, the responsible person of the enterprise BSFLP, a consensus is: the healthy development of aquaculture, pollution control should be put in the first, the government should support, enterprises should also take responsibility.



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