Special inspection of air pollution prevention and control in the Ministry of environmental protection

Date:2016-11-22 Hits:
         Environmental protection department official informed the media today, to implement the "notice" issued by the State Council action plan for air pollution prevention and control, strengthen the supervision of air pollution sources, to investigate environmental violations, improve the air quality of the environment, the environmental protection department decided in October 2013 to March 2014 to carry out a special inspection of air pollution control in key areas.
         The responsible person said that the special inspection of the geographical scope is Tianjin and the surrounding areas, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta region and the central Liaoning, Wuhan and its surrounding, Changsha Zhuzhou Xiangtan, Chengdu Chongqing, on the west side of the Straits, Shaanxi Province, Gansu, Urumqi and other key areas. Special inspection focuses on the relevant city and County People's government to implement the "action plan" for air pollution prevention and control; industrial enterprises coal-fired facilities desulfurization and denitrification removal operation device, pollutants (smoke and dust, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions standards), coal-fired boiler coal gas to electricity, the progress of the implementation of the coal yard and heap, slag dust control measures; all kinds of pollutants do not meet the national industrial policy of small enterprises to ban atmospheric emissions, coal-fired boilers, tea bath to investigate the situation of illegal construction of; the relevant government departments in accordance with their respective duties, carry out the central heating pipe network can not cover the area to electricity, new energy or clean coal, construction site dust control, sediment transport vehicles, closed purification, catering oil fume emission vehicles and old vehicles elimination work.
        The responsible person said that the requirements of the environmental protection department to maintain a high pressure situation for the inspection of law enforcement in environmental protection departments at all levels, to take centralized inspection and daily inspection, clear and dark Cha Cha, night and holidays combined examination, increase inspections, surprise inspections, and severely punish illegal pollution to the atmospheric environment. The focus of pollution sources and outstanding units to implement the plant supervision, the environmental problems found in accordance with the law to be investigated and dealt with. Provincial environmental protection departments should organize joint law enforcement, regional law enforcement, cross law enforcement, supervise the implementation of the city and County People's            Government of the various measures of air pollution prevention and control. The special inspection of the implementation is not in place, there is no real progress, to interview the local people's government or the relevant departments responsible person. The regional air pollution problems, take the regional restrictions, other measures to supervise the handling.
         The official pointed out that, in order to ensure the effectiveness of special inspection, environmental protection departments at all levels should be brought to the local people's government to set up a special inspection work leading group, unified command of the relevant functional departments. Provincial environmental protection departments should supervise the city and County People's government was established by the discipline inspection and supervision, organization and personnel and other departments to participate in the steering group, strengthen supervision. To found violations of the law is not timely investigation and inspection work omissions, after rectification still not in place, problems have not been effectively resolved, according to the law for serious discipline relevant departments and relevant personnel responsibilities. Environmental protection department will invite the media to participate in the inspection work, the public exposure of a number of malicious illegal sewage behavior and typical cases. To timely publication of special inspection and illegal cases investigated and dealt with information. To set up a prize report, to encourage people to report environmental violations. Ministry of environmental protection department of Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding areas and other key areas of supervision, and to the community bulletin found the problem.



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