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Clean production、 environmental verification testing
Environmental testing
ISO14000 is the international organization for Standardization (ISO) in the development of the international standard of environmental management system. ISO14000 certification has become to break the international green barriers, to enter the European market access card, through the ISO14000 certification of enterprises can be energy saving, cost optimization, meet the legal requirements, improve the corporate image, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. ISO14000 has become one of the world's most comprehensive and most systematic environmental management international standards, and has aroused widespread attention and positive response from governments and enterprises in the world.
Testing service:

Testing range:
Domestic sewage: pH, chroma, SS, BOD5, CODcr, ammonia nitrogen, phosphate, animal and vegetable oil (conventional project);
Industrial waste water: pH value, chroma, SS, BOD5, CODcr, ammonia nitrogen, phosphate, LAS, petroleum, fluoride, cyanide, heavy metal (conventional project);
Industrial waste gas: solder smoke and dust, benzene series (benzene, toluene, xylene), particulate matter,
Total hydrocarbon and non methane hydrocarbons, SO2, NOX, NO2, methanol, formaldehyde, acrylonitrile, acetone, odor concentration (routine);
Generator, boiler: SO2, NOX, and smoke blackness (conventional project);
Canteen smoke, fire smoke fume emission concentration, SO2, NOX, and smoke blackness (conventional project);
Noise: the noise of the plant noise and mechanical equipment.

Implementation standards:
According to the national standard "sewage comprehensive discharge standard" (GB8978-1996) and the local standard "water pollutant emission limit" (DB44/26-2001) in Guangdong province.


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