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Soil testing

Soil composition

The earth's surface by rock weathering, mineral particles gradually damaged into loose, ranging in size (called parent material). The soil is the comprehensive effect factors of soil formed and evolved in the parent material, climate, biology, topography, time etc.. Soil composition is very complex, in general, it is composed of minerals, animal and plant residue decomposition of organic matter, water and air and other solid, liquid and gas.


Test item

1, Soil metal ion concentration detection
2, Solid waste and sediment detection
3, Soil radon detection



Based on standard

Test item

solid waste

《Soil environmental quality index》《Method for leaching toxicity of solid waste》

Hg, AS, Pb, Cd, Ni and other metal toxic elements, PH, fluoride, etc., 666, DDT and other organic chlorine, organic phosphorus pesticide residues, organic matter, water, total phosphorus, total nitrogen, organic phosphorus and so on.


Comparison of two kinds of testing standards of soil radon and air radon


 Air radon GB/T16147-1995

 Soil radon GB50325-2001 Appendix D

 Scope of application

 Indoor air radon testing

 Soil radon testing

 Sampling time



 Using instrument and method

 FD216 Environmental radon measuring instrument(Scintillation chamber method)

 FD216 Environmental radon measuring instrument(Scintillation chamber method)

 Test method

 Direct testing

In each test, using special steel drilling, hole diameter is 20-40mm, the depth of the hole is 500-800mm, hole, using a special insert sampler, beaten Kong Zhong, and then pumping test

Soil, sediment and solid waste

According to the "People's Republic of China solid waste pollution prevention law", "solid waste is generated in the production, life and other activities and lost their original use values or are not lost use value but are discarded or abandoned solid, semi-solid and placed in a container of gaseous substances and articles, the provisions of laws and administrative regulations into solid waste management articles and substances."


Scope of service:

Corrosion identification, acute toxicity screening, extraction toxicity identification




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