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Water and water environment testing

Water is the source of life, and it plays an important role in the development of society and economy. Water quality testing is an important means to ensure the safety of water quality.

Testing category

 ■ Drinking water

 ■ Water    

 ■ Fishery water

 ■ Bottled water

 ■ Drinking natural mineral water

 ■ Farmland irrigation water

 ■ Groundwater

 ■ Surface water

 ■ Experimental water

 ■ Sewage

 ■ Seawater

 ■ Swimming pool water

 ■ Reclaimed water

 ■ Cooling water

 ■ Landscape water

 ■ Boiler water

 ■ Industrial water

 ■ Two water supply

Industrial boiler water quality testing

Water is the blood of industry, boiler is the heart of industry, boiler water treatment is to provide qualified blood for the heart, to ensure safe and economic operation of the boiler is an indispensable means. The consequences caused by improper water treatment can be summarized as follows: scaling, corrosion and steam water, so the water quality treatment of boiler is of great practical significance.


Industrial boiler water quality testing introductions

Corrosion directly affects the strength of the material, while the life of the boiler is shortened, and the cracks, leakage and explosion accidents are caused.
Thepriming directly affects the quality of steam, may cause superheater and other steam equipment fouling and even cause accidents. Therefore, the boiler water quality treatment work, has the very vital practical significance.


Test item

 ■ Suspended matter

 ■ Dissolved oxygen

 ■ Total hardness

 ■ Dissolved solids

 ■ Total alkalinity

 ■ Oil content

 ■ The value of pH

Industrial wastewater testing

Industrial wastewater is an important cause of environmental pollution, especially water pollution.
Therefore, the industrial wastewater must meet a certain standard to discharge or enter the sewage treatment plant for processing.



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