Environmental testing analysts

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    Recruitment number: 2

    Job responsibilities:
    1, responsible for the environmental category of laboratory analysis work, including water, gas, sound, soil, etc.;
    2, to complete a standardized research and analysis report;
    3, responsible for the daily maintenance of analytical instruments.

    Terms of service:
    1, college degree or above, major in chemistry, environmental engineering, environmental monitoring and other related major, laboratory operation experience is preferred;
    2, familiar with the laboratory routine chemical analysis or instrumental analysis of the work, like to engage in technical positions;
    3, have a good working psychological quality;
    4. Large scale equipment operation experience is preferred.

    Company address:Unit 1204-1207 The 12 Floor,8 Building,Hantian Science City A,Shenhai Road No.17,Guicheng Street,Nanhai District,Foshan City,Guangdong Province.

    Send your resume to the email address: cb@wzjcqq.com
    Contact: Miss Chen
    Cell phone: 13927759249
    Telephone: 0757-86086770

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