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    Recruitment number: Severa

    Job responsibilities:

    1, Responsible for on-site sampling records, laboratory analysis records and other data for the detection of the report editor.
    2, At any time to follow up the progress of the report is responsible for the cable, to ensure timely reporting.
    3, Responsible for the market after the report was confirmed by the printing, seal, submitted to the audit engineer and authorized signature signature, binding.

    Job requirements:

    1, Environmental testing, chemical analysis, applied chemistry, environmental monitoring and other related professional graduates.
    2, Work actively, seriously, practical initiative.
    3, With strong language organization, expression ability, good team spirit.
    4, Skilled use of computers and office software.

    Company address:Unit 1204-1207 The 12 Floor,8 Building,Hantian Science City A,Shenhai Road No.17,Guicheng Street,Nanhai District,Foshan City,Guangdong Province.

    Send your resume to the email address: cb@wzjcqq.com
    Contact: Miss Chen
    Cell phone: 13927759249
    Telephone: 0757-86086770

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