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Safety testing of food agricultural products

Safety testing of food agricultural products:

Food safety testing is based on national indicators to detect harmful substances in food and agricultural products, mainly the detection of some toxic indicators, such as heavy metals, aflatoxins and so on.

Detection service:

It is mainly to detect the food and agricultural product samples provided by the customers.

Detection range:

Aquatic products: enrofloxacin, cadmium, chromium, TVB-N, malachite green, manganese, lead, copper, norfloxacin, tetracycline, ciprofloxacin hydrochloride acid, mercury, arsenic and other (routine);

Livestock and poultry products: veterinary drug residues, agricultural products, livestock and poultry products and so on (conventional projects);

Farming products: S- of fenvalerate and alpha 666 and gamma delta 666, 666, 0, p '- DDD, chlorothalonil, fenthion, etc. (routine);

Feed and feed additives: ractopamine, ractopamine, diclazuril, nicarbazin, enrofloxacin, bacitracin, clopidol, salbutamol and other (routine);

Additives: elements, toxins, etc. (routine items);

Food: elements, drug residues, pesticide residues and harmful substances, physical and chemical additives, nutrition, etc. (routine).

Implementation criteria:

According to the national standard of the national standard of People's Republic of China, the national standard of food safety.



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