Who released a new version of the quality of drinking water guidelines

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      In July 4, xinhuanet.com Singapore (reporter Chen Jipeng) 4 days in Singapore WHO released a new version of guidelines for drinking water quality, called on the government of all countries in the world to change ideas, to prevention, strengthen the drinking water quality management, reduce the risk of contaminated drinking water.
      Who published the first edition of the drinking water quality guidance standards in 2004, many countries and regions are modeled on the development of water safety standards and regulations. The release of the new standards in accordance with the progress of scientific research carried out a lot of updates, including the development of the new standards on the content of pollutants. It also has some valuable suggestions for the first time, covering all aspects of the collection, storage, and decision-making of the government, and even related to global climate change.
       Maria Neira, the World Health Organization Environment and public health department said, the world can be through the implementation of effective measures and appropriate standards, ensure quality and safety, and made significant progress in the field of public health. This requires governments to change their thinking, from the beginning of the prevention.
She said: "the shift to prevention is more effective, less cost, and more flexible, and can respond to new challenges that threaten the safety of water quality, such as climate change, population growth and urbanization."
     The World Health Organization says there are about 2 million people die of water related diseases in the world every year, most of them are children under the age of 5, and if the implementation of drinking water guidelines, most of these tragedies can be avoided.
      The new guidelines for the quality of drinking water in the World Health Organization are published in the international water week of Singapore. A large exhibition of international water week is an aggregation of government, enterprises and research departments of the relevant personnel, the exhibition also held for public activities. International Water Week activities in recent years has grown into one of the world's most important industry exhibition.



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